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Safe Lockouts (Electronic Digital Locks)

At Mr. Locksmith throughout the year and specially around the Holidays and vacation time I get frantic calls at all hours of the night and day from people who can not get their safes open. Usually, their passports are locked inside the safe. Most of the Electronic Digital safes failing to open is due to […]

Keys Locked in Car Trunk, 24 Hr Mr. Locksmith Emergency Mobile Service

At 24 hr Mr. Locksmith Automotive Locksmith I get emergency lockout calls from people who have lost car keys or have locked their keys in the car. When you have just locked your keys in the car BCAA or most tow truck companies can open the car or truck, however, when the keys are locked […]

Locked out of Bathroom?

Locked out of Bathroom? For a door that has a privacy lock (the kind with a hole in the knob on the outside), keep a tool handy that will open this door if it is locked by your toddler with you on the outside and your toddler on the inside. The tool can be made […]

Ford Focus Ignition Jammed

Does the ignition jam on your Ford Focus? Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The overwhelming amount of faulty Ford Focus ignitions has resulted in a class action lawsuit on behalf of California residents who “either own or lease a Ford Focus, or who have paid to repair or replace an ignition lock in a […]