Burglary & Fire Safes Surrey

Burglary & Fire safes Surrey: Mr. Locksmith is your Surrey BC Locksmith 24 hr Mobile Locksmith and for Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Mr. Locksmith is a locally family owned and operated locksmith business that has been running over 25 years. We provide professional locksmithing & security services. Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith and has a BA (Hons) in Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

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Burglary & Fire Safes Surrey

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High Quality Burglary & Fire Safes Surrey

  • 1 hour fire protection and premium security (UL Class 350 1 hr, UL 1037 RSC)
  • Heavy duty construction – 2″ thick door and 3″ thick body
  • Independent glass re-locking device
  • Three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
  • Heavy duty steel hinge
  • 3 spoke chrome-plated vault handle
  • Reinforced composite body with concrete and steel mesh (Optional)
  • Open Sentry Safe
  • Pre-drilled anchor hole (Optional)

Mr. Locksmith E1O-BS

Price:  $1208.00
Outside Size: 450 x 450 x 520(mm)
Inside Size:305 x 305 x 318(mm)
Weight: 75(kg)

Burglary & Fire Safes Surrey

Burglary & Fire Safes Surrey

Mr. Locksmith E2O-BS

Burglary & Fire Safes

Price:  $1609.00
Outside Size: 685 x 508 x 520(mm)
Inside Size:540 x 363 x 327(mm)
Weight: 168(kg)

Surrey Burglary Safe

Surrey Burglary Safe

Mr. Locksmith E3O-BS

Burglary & Fire Safes

Price:  $1750.00
Outside Size: 845 x 508 x 578(mm)
Inside Size:700 x 363 x 385(mm)
Weight: 276(kg)

Surrey Burglary Safe

Surrey Burglary Safe

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What is the best home safe?

The best home is safe is to have one in your home. Decide if you need a fire or burglary safe or a combination of both. Also, check with your insurance company on the Theft coverage and if you need ULC safe.

What should I look for when buying a safe?

The safe you buy depends if you want a Fire Safe, Burglary Safe or a combination Fire and Burglary Safe. Call your local locksmith for their recommendations and prices.

Should I bolt down my safe?

Bolting your safe to the floor of your home or business enhances the security of your safe. When not bolted to the ground, criminals are able to knock the safe on its side and use the leverage of their body-weight to pry it open.