How does a locksmith rekey your home?

Are you moving to a new apartment and you want to be safe without investing too much? Then rekeying is the best possible solution, because replacing your locks can be far more costly. What rekeying means is that the locksmith will insert a set of new pins into the lock and then create new keys that will fit the lock. This means that you will basically have a whole new lock, without actually paying for a new one. This is the best solution if you move to a new place and want to be safe, but don’t afford to get new locks for your doors.

There are many locksmiths against this solution, but our company suggest this is a great thing, especially if you want to save money when moving. Yes, moving can be very expensive, so cutting down the costs is very important. Rest assured though that we think about your safety all the time, so whenever you move to a new home you just need to call us and we will immediately make sure that your locks are rekeyed properly.


Rekey your locks

Rekeying ads a peace of mind to everyone, because let’s face it, numerous people already have access to your home, from babysitters to gardeners, maids or neighbors. Making sure that you are the only one with access to your home keys is imperative, and through the rekeying process you will receive just that.

Rekey your home

During the rekeying process the locksmith will modify the configuration of the tumbler so that the older keys will open the door and at the same time he will create new keys that will fit the new lock. Through this process, you don’t need to think about getting a replacement lock or deadbolt for the new locking system. You will still have the exact same hardware but the locks will be changed and the security will be increased.

If you do want to upgrade your lock system in the future, all you need to do is to upgrade the hardware, as the door will be intact. The rekeying system is futureproof, and if you decide to modify or replace it, you can do that without a problem. Rekeying is a great investment in the overall security of your home, and it’s a very secure one as well, which is really neat. In fact, you don’t need expensive hardware for rekeying, instead you can easily do that with the current locking systems.

Rekey your Business

The same applies to business locks as well. If you rented a new business pace and you are afraid of being robbed or to be broken in by competition, then you need to make sure that you rekey your locks as possible to increase the security of your business space.

Door repair

Door repair

Our company provides you with a great discount if you want to rekey 2 or more locks, and you will immediately receive 5 free keys for these locks on the spot. We are also offering you a consultation through which we review the security situation of your home and suggest some changes. With us, you will be able to fully integrate the newest technologies into your locking systems, or use the old school methods such as rekeying. It’s up to you, but whenever you need a professional locking system, we are here for you!