Safe Lockouts (Electronic Digital Locks)

At Mr. Locksmith throughout the year and specially around the Holidays and vacation time I get frantic calls at all hours of the night and day from people who can not get their safes open. Usually, their passports are locked inside the safe.

Most of the Electronic Digital safes failing to open is due to low battery levels. You can save yourself some money and time by replacing your digital safes batteries with quality Alkaline battery. Do not use rechargeable batteries.

Sometime the battery lights are still showing the battery power is good or green but it still may be insufficient to operate the locking mechanism. In normal use batteries should be changed every 6-12 months.

Caution: If you remove batteries more than 1 or 2 times in a row, the safe may revert back to the factory setting. That number should have be on your instruction sheet when bought.

If the safe is still not opening with new batteries and the factory code or your code still does not open your safe what do you do? The two most common cause of safe failure I find is the safe has been overfilled and something is jamming the bolts or door has a faulty solenoid.

Caution: Do not force the handle to open the safe. Most safes have a fail safe that will prevent the safe from opening by forced entry or Break and Enter attempt.

Most electronic lock safe lockouts are the result of low or dead batteries. If the safe still fails to open check the manufacturers website for FAQ’s. You still have a few more options to open the safe and I will post them in future Blogs. However, you will most likely need a Professional Locksmith to open your safe.